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6ta Conferencia del GCHERA


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Adjunto el anuncio de la 6ta Conferencia del GCHERA sobre la investigacin y la enseanza en agricultura.


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Les adjunto el anuncio de la 6ta Conferencia del GCHERA sobre la investigacin y la enseanza en agricultura.

Un cordial saludo para todos y todas Uds. Sinceramente,

Dr. C. Redimio M. Pedraza Olivera
Profesor Titular de Nutricin y Alimentacin Animal
Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo de la Produccin Animal (CEDEPA)
Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias, Universidad de Camagey
Camagey 74650, CUBA


6th GCHERA Conference on 'Food, Health and Energy: Challenges for Sustainable Agriculture

23- 27 November 2009

Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), Nairobi, KenyaOrganized by: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology


The significance of food security and environmental preservation is growing with each new achievement in biological, chemical, or social science. Up-to-date technologies such as biotechnology, improved storage, intercontinental shipping, precision agriculture, and agro-ecological approaches to production lend themselves to further development through global cooperation in education and research. Training our future work force in these areas is a challenge for the 21st Century, which can only be solved through global cooperation.

Accordingly, the Global Consortium on Higher Education and Research for Agriculture (GCHERA), offers an opportunity and platform of bringing the world agricultural higher education and research community together to meet global challenges. The 1st GCHERA conference was held in 1999 in Amsterdam , the Netherlands . The second conference of the consortium took place July 12-14, 2001 , in San Francisco around the theme 'Higher Education and Research for Agriculture and Food Systems in the 21st Century.' The 3rd and 4th conference were held in Kiev Ukraine , and Hangzhou China respectively, while the 5th GCHERA conference was held in San Jose , Costa Rica , with theme of Innovation and Leadership for Relevant Change in Agriculture.

The 6th Global Consortium of Higher Education and Research for Agriculture (GCHERA) 2009 Conference will be held in Nairobi , Kenya in the African continent. The theme will be 'Food, Health and Energy: Challenges for Sustainable Agriculture

The conference will have six sub themes:

1. Agriculture and Food Security

2. Agriculture and Health

3. Agriculture and Sustainability

4. Agriculture and Energy

5. Agricultural Challenges and Graduate Profiles

6. Agriculture and Climate Change

The International Conference in Kenya (6th GCHERA Conference) will provide a forum for international exchange of modern technologies, scientific views and cultural trends in the training of undergraduate and post-graduate students, as well as part of one global family.For more information on the event, please click on the link FOR GCHERA 6th CONFERENCE PARTICIPATION For participants in a position to fully support themselves this is to bring to your notice that we have barely two months to go before the conference opens. We need to start finalizing the participants list. For this reason we are requesting you to register online on the The registration fee is US$250.

Please also make necessary arrangements, especially booking for hotel accommodation because the conference is coinciding with the high tourist season and other major events. If you require assistance towards booking and airport transfer we have authorized a travel agency, Chariot Tours and Car Hire to provide the required service and guidance. If you are interested in their services, you can contact them directly on the email or log on their website


1) They must be heads of institutions or faculties of Agriculture and related sciences.
2)They must be willing to chair either plenary sessions or breakout sessions as shown in the attached programme
3)They must submit a write up of between 200 and 300 words clearly describing their motivation to attend the conference and how the conference will contribute towards strengthening their institutions or faculties.
4) They must indicate the level of their institutional or faculty support towards their facilitation to attend the conference

Please send us those details as soon as possible and in any case not later than Thursday17th Sept. 2009.
In case of any inquiries please address the same to me.

My best regards,
Dr. Cecilia Mwathi, Secretary, 6th GCHERA Conference, JKUAT KenyaEmail or