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071607 - Patterns of resistance to antibiotics in Enterococcus spp isolated from raw milk tank of dairy farms; a risk for animal and public health?


C. Ortega; M. Espada; M.C. Simón
Departamento de Patología Animal. Facultad de veterinaria. Universidad de Zaragoza. España.

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Antimicrobial resistant microorganisms are responsible of emerging infections in both, humans and animals which represent a health challenge, especially in public health due to the possible spreading of this resistance from animals to humans.

According to this idea, a study was carried out on raw milk tank from twenty four dairy herds with the objective to detect the prevalence of Enterococcus spp, a bacteria inhabitant of the animal and human environment. Antibiotic resistance patterns and phenotypes of the isolated strains were studied in order to evaluate their potential role in the transmission of the antimicrobial resistance to humans and also to other animals from milk production environment. E. faecium was the most prevalent microorganism while E. faecalis was the second one. The level of Enterococcus spp strains with resistance to the antibiotics used in veterinary medicine were medium-high while the level of resistance to some reference antibiotics in human medicine (glicopeptides) was low but in most of the strains the value was in the limit of the cut-off point. Multidrug resistance (more than three classes of antibiotics tested) was detected in the majority of the isolated strains. While no resistant phenotypes were identified according to the MIC studies and vanA phenotype was not detected, some strains presented MIC values near this vanA phenotype.

These results suggested that implementation of antimicrobial resistant microorganisms surveillance programs in raw milk tank of dairy herds could contribute to define future animal treatments at farm level and to identify the animal and public health risks of antimicrobial resistance transmission associated to milk production.


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Milk, Antibiotic, Resistance; Enterococcus spp, Public Health.