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051704 - Reporte de caso: Artrogriposis congénita asociada a una encefalitis herpética bovina y a la mala disposición de calcio y fosforo en el periodo de lactancia - Case report: Congenital arthrogryposis associated with bovine herpetic encephalitis and


Urrego Gallego Gisella1* Vargas Sanchez Leidy Johana 1., Ayala Aguirre Diana Marcela1., Silva Ramírez Cesar Augusto 2
1Estudiante de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia. Universidad de la Amazonia, sede Principal Calle 17 diagonal 17 con carrera 3F Barrio Porvenir, Suramérica Florencia-Caquetá- Colombia
2 Médico veterinario Zootecnista universidad de la amazonia. Caquetá, Colombia.           
*Autor para correspondencia: , Cll 15ª 2j I Barrio Abbas Turbay. Florencia, Caquetá

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Arthrogryposis is a malformation observed in different species of animals mainly in cattle, characterized by permanent stiffness of one or more joints in flexion or extension (Magnano, 2007). It is associated with various etiological factors, described as a syndrome may have genetic causes, due to an autosomal recessive gene, also to environmental causes such as infections by viruses and ingestion of toxic plants (Cardona, 2012). In this case a clinical examination of an individual, who remained in extensive grazing in a rural area of the municipality of Puerto Rico Caqueta, through laboratory tests, including blood count, stool, blood chemistry, reproductive profile and a thorough physical examination was performed It found that the patient had mild dehydration, hypocalcemia, a reproductive disease (IBR) lumbar scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis cervical. The main finding corresponds to an infection by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) that can have an acute or latent form, infecting the respiratory, genital, eye conjunctiva, producing abortion and encephalitis system. (Pidone, 2007). Due to the complexity of the issue is decided to seek a resolution of the disease and offer it as a report to the academic community. Poor knowledge of the owners of health plans in a cattle herd, do not run properly, allowing the entry of diseases affecting the herd and therefore economic losses, being more susceptible young and geriatric animals, which manifest symptoms described above with irreversible damage.


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arthrogryposis, bovine, IBR, encephalitis