Comparative Effect of Aripiprazole Versus Risperidone on Sperm Motility and Morphology in Rats

  • Mohammed Saarti, Mohammed D Mahmood, Loay A. Alchalaby


Background: Atypical antipsychotics are preferred over typical antipsychotics in the treatment and management of schizophrenia due to their reduced adverse effects like the extrapyramidal symptoms and akathisia. On the critical analysis of multiple available authentic pieces of evidence, it has been highlighted that the prolonged use of risperidone and aripiprazole has induced reproductive toxicity and sperm deformity. Objectives: Through this study, we aim to establish the comparison between the effect of aripiprazole versus risperidone on sperm motility and morphology in rats by a randomized control trial. Methods: Male rats were used for the experiment which was divided into two equal groups; group one was the aripiprazole group and the second group was of risperidone. The sample was collected by the right epididymis of rats immediately after exciting the rats. Results: The detailed analysis on the properties of sperm including sperm vitality, linear and curve velocity and the path of velocity was done by using sperm quality analyzers. On results, it was found that aripiprazole induced better sperm velocity compared to risperidone and had a reduced deformity rate which has proven to be safer and less toxic compared to risperidone. However, sexual dysfunction should be evaluated particularly evaluated. Conclusion: Prescribing antipsychotics require careful selection based on individualization of patients and adverse effects of each antipsychotics.

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