Production Criteria of Heat-Treated Chicken Fertilizers in Iraqi Agriculture

  • Zaidoon Ahmad Alathami


This research paper compares the efficacy of several kinds and standards of organic fertilizers (OrgFrtz) in enhancing soil quality (SolQty), yield, and agricultural production quality, and also crop rotation (CrpRtn) efficiency, to the projected standards of mineral fertilizers (MinFrtz)for achieving the desired output. Numerous thermodynamically dehydrated granular chicken fertilizer normal conditions were investigated, including its appropriateness as an ecologically sound complex OrgFrtz and its efficiency in increasing production, quality traits, SolQty and CrpRtn efficiency when compared to conventional fertilizer, buckwheat (BckWet) plants using green manure (GrnMnr), MinFrtz and natural nutritional background. CrpRtn's commercial efficacy is examined, and its increase to a profit margin of 60–95 percent is calculated based on the kind and quality of fertilizer utilized.

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