Effect Drenching Elderberry Flower Extract with Different Proportion to Reduce the Effect of Heat Stress in Hot Summer and Enhance Levels of Physiological and Productive Performance Parameter in Layining Hens

  • Suhad Hassan Irhayym AL-Shammary AL-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University/ Technical College of AL-Mussaib / Department of Animal Production Technology
Keywords: drenching elderberry Flower extract, Laying hens, hot summer, heat stress condition, physiological parameter, antioxidant enzymes, productive performance


This experiment was conducted at the private field of laying hens In Babylon governorate in Iraq during summer from the period of 1/6 /2020 – 1/9/2020 to investigate the effect of dietary supplement with elderberry flower extract on some blood parameters , antioxidant enzymes and feed consumption ,egg weight and egg production .The aim of this study was investigate the effect of dietary supplementation by drenching elderberry flower extract with different levels on hens in summer season with high level of heat degree with heat stress on blood hematology , antioxidant enzymes and productive performance .sixty laying hens in age 32 week in weight 1800 gm divided randomly in to three group each group has (20)laying hens the first group (T)control group ,second group (T1) hens administered 5% of Elderberry flower extract orally .Third group (T2) hens administered 10% Elderberry flower extract orally . The results of the experiment showed that the groups of lying hens who gave elderberry flowers extract orally led to significant increase p<0.05in blood haematology ,Albumin ,Total protein ,HDL ,calesium .it was significant in antioxidant Enzymes GSH-PX ,CAT , S.O.D ,M.D.A and it was significant in production Traits such as egg productive rat ,egg weight compared with control group and there was decrease in significant in cholesterol ,LDL ,Triglycirid ,Glucose ,and feed consumption rate .it was concluded that oral administration of elderberry flowers extract 10%to heat stress lying hens in heat stress condition improved the blood hematology ,antioxidant Enzymes and production performance of these bird .


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